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        Valve automation brings unlimited business opportunities for the industry


        At present, China's valve manufacturing industry has been able to provide users with about 12 categories, more than 3000 models, more than 4000 specifications of the product.Its performance parameters range from vacuum valves to 600 MPa ultra-high pressure valves, temperatures from cryogenic-196 degrees Celsius to high temperatures of 570 degrees Celsius.Its main products have basically been able to meet the needs of the domestic market, and the rate of complete sets of the valve market, complete sets of the level and capacity have been greatly improved.Domestic valves already have a certain basis for the revitalization.

        the revitalization.

        China's economy has developed in a sustained and stable manner, and investment in fixed assets has gradually expanded.In particular, several century project "west to East Gas", "West to East", "South-to-north water transfer" and other projects started need a lot of valve products;in addition, our country is facing the arrival of the industrialization era, and the petrochemical industry, the power sector, the metallurgical sector, the chemical industry and urban construction will increase the use of large valves strong demand for valve products.


        As China accelerates the policy of revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported.The future market prospects of China's valve industry is very broad.


        Valve to be automated:The international valve market " cake " is big, but the market competition is also very intense. The development trend of automatic valves is an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to develop, but China's valve industry should recognize that the export volume of automatic valves is still insufficient 5% of the output value, the import value is comparable with the total output value, which shows that China's demand for automated valves gap is not small, the product is technically,there is still a big gap between China and other countries in terms of quality, and it is still unable to completely meet the demand of the domestic high-end market.Therefore, the valve enterprises must firmly seize this opportunity to develop automated valves, improve market share and product quality.


        Under the condition of rapid development of modern economic society, automation will be the inevitable trend of social development.So the valve company must keep up with the general trend of social development in order to remain invincible in market competition.