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        首頁 > 新聞中心 > 電動執行器行業-高新技術發展趨勢及投資方向



        Electric Actuator Industry-High and New Technology Development Trend and Investment Direction 

        With the continuous development of science and technology, the domestic electric actuator industry, but also to the high-tech content, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. According to the analysis of the actuator technology at home and abroad and the analysis of the actuator market demand at home and abroad, The Sino-British joint venture Tandy Valve,the marketing consulting company obtains the development trend and investment direction of valves and valves in various industries in recent years, as follows : 

        1. 石油、天然氣井口裝置用電動執行器

        1.Electric actuator for petroleum and natural gas wellhead installations
              石油、天然氣井口裝置用電動執行器主要為符合美國API 6A標準的單閘板或雙閘板、有導流孔或無導流孔的鍛鋼平行式閘閥、泥漿閥、角式節流閥(CHOKE閥)、先導式安全閥和止回閥。這些閥門的公稱壓力級為API 2000psi、3000psi、5000psi、10000psi、15000psi、 20000psi;公稱通徑為DN46工程~228mm(113/16in~9in);溫度等級為K(-60~182℃)、L(-42~182℃)、P(-29~182℃)、R(室溫)、S(-18~166℃)、T(-18~182℃)、U(-18~121℃)、V(2~121℃);材料要求為AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH;材料性能要求按36K、45K、60K、75K;產品技術要求按PSL1(產品規范等級1)、PSL2(產品規范等級2)、PSL3(產品規范等級3)、PSL4(產品規范等級4)PCB設計。 

              Electric actuator for oil and gas wellhead installations are mainly in line with API of the United States  6A standard single gate or double gate, forged steel parallel gate valve, mud valve, angle throttle valve ( CHOKE valve ) with diversion holes or without diversion holes, pilot safety valve and check valve. The nominal pressure level of these valves is API  2000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi,  20,000 psi; the nominal diameter is DN46 project ~ 228 mm ( 113 / 16in ) ~ 9in ); the temperature rating is K ( -60 ) ~ 182 ), L ( -42 ) ~ 182 ), P ( -29 ) ~ 182 ), R ( room temperature ), S ( -18 ) ~ 166 ), T ( -18 ) ~ 182 ), U ( -18 ) ~ 121 ), V ( 2 ) ~ 121 ); material requirements for AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH; material properties are required at 36K, 45K, 60K, 75K; product technical requirements are based on PSL1 ( Product Specification Level 1 ), PSL2 ( Product Specification Level 2 ), PSL 3 ( Product Specification Level 3 ), pSL 4 ( Product Specification Level 4 ) PCB Design.

        2. 石油、天然氣長輸管線用電動執行器

        2.Electric actuator for long-distance oil and gas pipelines
              石油、天然氣長輸管線用電動執行器主要為符合美國API 6D標準的單閘板或雙閘板、有導流孔或無導流孔的鍛鋼平行式閘閥;鍛鋼或鑄鋼三體式、上裝式或全焊接式固定球球閥;油密封或壓力平衡式旋塞閥;旋啟式或蝶式止回閥、通球止回閥;清管閥等。這些閥門的公稱壓力級為CL150(PN2.0MPa)、CL300(PN5.0 MPa)、CL400(PN6.4MPa)、CL600(PN10.0MPa)、CL900(PN15.0MPa)、CL1500(PN25.0MPa)、CL2500(PN42.0MPa);公稱通徑為DN50~1500mm(2in~60in);耐火試驗技術要求按ISO10497;閥門的壓力試驗按ISO5208。

             Electric actuator for long-distance oil and gas pipelines are mainly designed to meet the API requirements of the United States. 6D standard single or double gate, with diversion hole or no diversion hole of forged steel parallel gate valve;forged or cast steel three-way, top-mounted or all-welded fixed ball valve;oil seal or pressure balance plug valve;swing or butterfly check valve, through ball check valve;pigging valve, etc. The nominal pressure level of these valves is CL150 ( PN 2.0 MPa ) and CL300 ( PN 5.0 )  Mpa, CL400 ( PN6.4MPa ), CL600 ( PN10.0 MPa ), CL900 ( PN15.0MPa ), CL 1500 ( PN25.0MPa ), cl 2500 (PN 42.0 MPa);nominal diameter DN50~ 1,500 mm ( 2in ) ~ 60in ); pressure test of valve according to ISO 5208.

        3. 核電用電動執行器

        3. Nuclear power electric actuator 
              核電用電動執行器比常規的大型火力發電站用閥門電動裝置其技術特點和要求要高。閥類一般有閘閥、截止閥、止回閥、蝶閥、安全閥、主蒸汽隔離閥、球閥、隔膜閥、減壓閥和控制閥等;具有代表性閥門的頂技術參數為:大口徑DN1200 mm(核3級的蝶閥)、 粉料混合機 無重力混合機DN800 mm(核2級的主蒸汽隔離閥)、DN350 mm(核1級的主回路閘閥);頂壓力:約1500磅級;頂溫度:約350℃;介質:冷卻劑(硼化水)等。生產核級閥門產品規定要求:通常按核行業標準EJ、美國ASME、IEEE標準及法國壓水堆核島機械設備設計和建造規則RCC-M等。

             The technical characteristics and requirements of electric actuator used in nuclear power plants are higher than that of conventional large thermal power stations. Representative of the highest technical parameters of the valve: maximum diameter DN1200 Mm ( nuclear level 3 butterfly valve ),  Powder mixer  Non-gravity mixer DN800  Mm (nuclear level-2 main steam isolation valve), DN350 Maximum pressure: about 1500 LB class;maximum temperature: about 350 C;medium: coolant (boronized water), etc.Requirements for the production of nuclear grade valve products : usually according to the nuclear industry standard EJ, the United States ASME, IEEE standards and the French PWR nuclear island mechanical equipment design and construction rules rCC-M, etc. 


        The specific types and parameters of nuclear power valves are as follows:

        ⑴ 無填料函的閘閥:

        ⑴Gate valve without stuffing box:
             a.液壓驅動閘閥。該閥借助自身壓力水推動活塞開啟或關閉,該閥公稱通徑:DN350、400 mm;工作壓力:PN17.5MPa;工作溫度:315℃。

             a.Hydraulically actuated gate valves.The valve with its own pressure to push the piston to open or close the water, the valve nominal diameter: DN350, 400 Mm;working pressure: PN 17.5 MPa;operating temperature : 315. 
             b.全封閉型電動閘閥。該閥應采用特制的屏閉式電機,通過浸水工作的內行星減速機構使閘板作啟閉運動。該閥公稱通徑:DN100~800 mm;工作壓力:PN2.5~45.0MPa;工作溫度:200~500℃。

             b.Fully enclosed electric gate valve. The valve should be a special screen closed motor, which works through the inner planet deceleration mechanism to open and close the gate. Nominal diameter of the valve : DN100 ~ eight hundred  Mm;working pressure : PN2.5 ~ 45.0 MPa; operating temperature : 200 ~ 500.

           (Note: the above two non-packing letter gate valve advantages: no packing seal, to avoid the leakage point, while reducing energy consumption.Disadvantages: complex structure, high cost.)

         ⑵ 截止閥:

         ⑵ Stop valve:
             用于輔助管路上的截止閥。該閥通常為三種結構,即填料式截止閥、波紋管式截止閥和金屬膜片式截止閥。該閥介質為中等參數(中溫、中壓) 實驗室混合機 實驗型混合機的水和蒸汽;公稱通徑:DN10~150 mm。
             Stop valve for auxiliary line. The valve is usually three kinds of structure, namely, the packing type stop valve, the bellows type stop valve and the metal diaphragm type stop valve. The valve medium is medium parameter (medium temperature, medium pressure) Laboratory mixer The water and steam of the experimental mixer; nominal Path : DN10~150 mm。 .

        ⑶ 蝶閥:

        ⑶Butterfly valve : 
            用于冷卻系統和安全殼內輸送空氣介質的系統中的蝶閥。該閥通常為三種結構,即同軸直連式襯膠蝶閥、偏心式金屬密封蝶閥和雙動式(蝶板在回轉前先脫開密封面再回轉)金屬密封蝶閥。該閥公稱通徑:DN≤2500 mm;工作壓力:PN<4.0MPa;工作溫度:100~150℃。此外,用于風道系統中的快速關閉蝶閥,其公稱通徑:DN400~1200 mm也列為發展的方向。

            Butterfly valve in a system for conveying air media in a cooling system and containment. The valve is usually three kinds of structure, namely coaxial straight rubber lined butterfly valve, eccentric metal seal butterfly valve and double-action (butterfly plate before turning off the sealing surface before turning)metal sealing butterfly valve.Nominal diameter of the valve : DN2500  Mm;working pressure : PN < 4.0 MPa; operating temperature: 100~ 150.In addition, for the fast closing butterfly valve in the air duct system, its nominal diameter : DN400 ~ 1200. Mm is also listed as the development direction.

        ⑷ 帶探測器的先導式安全閥: 

        ⑷ Pilot safety valve with detector :
            用于核島系統中的帶探測器的先導式安全閥。采用帶探測器的先導式安全閥,可以根據壓力與彈簧力平衡的敏感關系,來改變位置控制釋放和加充介質的兩個觸點的原理,從結構上避免卡阻問題。該閥采用正作用式帶彈簧預緊和波紋管密封的閥瓣結構,可以保證可靠的密封。該閥公稱通徑:DN600 mm;工作壓力:PN1.265MPa。

            Pilot safety valve with detector for nuclear island system. The pilot relief valve with a detector can change the position to control the release and charging of two contacts according to the sensitive relationship between pressure and spring force balance.The problem of blocking is avoided in structure.The valve adopts positive acting disc structure with spring pretightening and bellows sealing, which can ensure reliable sealing.Nominal diameter of the valve: DN600 Mm;working pressure : PN1.265 MPa. 

         ⑸ 止回閥型隔離閥: 

         ⑸ Check type isolation valve:


             Check valve type isolation valves for steam systems, similar in structural shape to lift check valves.Nominal diameter of the valve : DN64 ~ 800 mm (21 / 2 in)~ 30in ); working pressure: PN 1.0~ ~ 2500 ); operating temperature: -29~1050℃.

        ⑹ 主蒸汽隔離閥 

        ⑹ Nuclear island and conventional island with the main steam isolation valve:

            核島和常規島用主蒸汽隔離閥、主給水閥門,其公稱通徑:DN800 mm;公稱壓力:40.0MPa;溫度700℃;(此外,滿足地震要求的安全閥也是急需開發的核電閥門)

            Nuclear island and conventional island with the main steam isolation valve, the main water supply valve, its nominal diameter: DN800 Mm;nominal pressure : 40.0 MPa; temperature 700; ( in addition, the safety valve that meets the seismic requirements is also an urgent need to develop nuclear power valves )

        4. 海洋石油用電動執行器

        4. Offshore oil valves

              Some special valves for sea water and salt spray erosion are needed to be developed in the production, blowout prevention, water injection, gas injection and underwater equipments of offshore oil platform.Easy maintenance.


              The specific types and parameters of offshore oil valves are as follows:

        ⑴ 鍛鋼單閘板或雙閘板帶導流孔或不帶導流孔平板閘閥

        ⑴ Forged single or double gate flat gate valves with or without orifices

             該閥的結構可參照美國卡麥隆F型閘閥、“AF”型海底閥門(用于海下1000米)、“DF”型海底閥門(用于海下3000米)、MCEVOY公司C型、E型閘閥。這類閥門的公稱通徑:DN 46~162mm(113/16in~63/8in);公稱壓力級為API 2000psi、3000psi、5000psi、10000psi、15000psi、20000psi;工作溫度:-59~343℃;技術要求按API 6A的規定。

              The structure of the valve can refer to the United States Cameron f-gate valve, "Af" type undersea valves (for 1000 meters below the sea), "Df" type undersea valves (for 3000 meters below the sea)), MCEVOY Company C and E type gate valves. Nominal diameter of this type of valve : DN  46.~ 162 mm (113 / 16 in)~ 63 / 8in ); nominal pressure level API 2000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi; operating temperature: -59~ 343;technical requirements by API 6A rule.

        ⑵ 雙瓣蝶式止回閥

        ⑵ Double disc butterfly check valve

            該閥技術參數:公稱通徑:DN 53~280mm(21/16in~11in);公稱壓力級為API 2000psi、3000psi、5000psi、10000psi、15000psi、20000psi;溫度等級為K(-60~182℃)、L(-42~182℃)、P(-29~182℃)、R(室溫)、S(-18~166℃)、T(-18~182℃)、U(-18~121℃)、V(2~121℃);材料要求為AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH;材料性能要求按36K、45K、60K、75K;產品技術要求按PSL1(產品規范等級1)、PSL2(產品規范等級2)、PSL3(產品規范等級3)、PSL4(產品規范等級4)。

            The technical parameters of the valve : nominal diameter : DN  Fifty-three ~ 280 mm (21 / 16 in)~ 11 in);the nominal pressure level is API  2000 psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi; the temperature rating is K ( -60 ) ~ 182), l (-42~ 182), P (-29~ 182), R (room temperature), s (-18~ 166), t (-18~ 182), u (-18~ 121 ), V ( 2 ) ~ 121 ); material requirements are AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH;material performance requirements according to 36K, 45k, 60K, 75K;product technical requirements according to PSL 1 (product specification Level 1), PSL 2 (product specification Level 2), PSL 3 (product specification Level 3),pSL 4 ( Product Specification Level 4 ). 

        ⑶ 帶壓平衡閥桿的角式節流閥

        ⑶Angle throttle with pressure balancing stem

            該閥的設計、制造按API 6A標準;其公稱壓力級為API3000psi、5000psi、10000psi;公稱通徑:DN50mm、DN80mm、DN100mm、DN150mm(2in、3in、4in、6in);使用溫度:-29~121℃。(該閥的節流頭可設計為針型節流頭或套筒節流頭)。

            The design and manufacture of the valve according to API 6A standard; Its nominal pressure level is API3000psi, 5000psi, 10000psi; Nominal size: DN50MM, DN80MM, DN100MM, DN150MM (2in, 3in, 4in, 6in); Operating temperature: -29~121℃. (The throttle head of the valve may be designed as a needle-type throttle head or a sleeve-type throttle head).


        5. Petrochemical, power electric actuator


        Petrochemical, power valve products, the focus of its structural adjustment is the development of missing products. As follows : 

        ⑴ 高溫高壓調節閥

        ⑴ High temperature and high pressure regulating valve

            用于大型火電機組的高溫高壓調節閥,其結構設計應根據它的流量特性和工況控制要求來確定,可以是單座,也可以是雙座或套筒結構。該調節閥的公稱通徑:DN50~500 mm;公稱壓力:≤42.0MPa;使用溫度:510~570℃。

            For the high temperature and high pressure regulating valve for large thermal power units, its structural design should be determined according to its traffic characteristics and working condition control requirements, the utility model can be a single seat or a double seat or a sleeve structure.Nominal diameter of the control valve : DN50 ~ 500. Mm;nominal pressure: 42.0 MPa;service temperature: 510~ 570.

        ⑵ 減溫減壓閥

        ⑵Temperature Reducing Pressure Reducing Valve


            Temperature Reducing Pressure Reducing Valve, which is required by the petrochemical industry to be designed as a CVS valve similar to Fisher, The pressure and temperature are controlled in one valve. The temperature control after decompression is accurate ( in the range of 4~ 7℃). The shut-off valve is tight, low noise and long life. 

        ⑶ 高溫高壓大口徑安全閥

        ⑶ High temperature and high pressure large diameter safety valve

        用于蒸汽系統的高溫高壓大口徑安全閥,其設計結構可采用彈簧式。設計中主要解決的關鍵問題是:該類閥門的整定壓力、回座壓力、密封性能、重復動作穩定性及彈簧的疲勞。其公稱通徑:DN200~400 mm;公稱壓力:≤5.0MPa;頂使用溫度:570℃。

        High temperature, high pressure and large diameter safety valve for steam system, its design structure can be spring type. ~ four hundred  Mm;nominal pressure: 5.0 MPa;maximum service temperature: 570℃.

        ⑷ 高壓蒸氣疏水閥

        ⑷ High-pressure steam trap

            用于高壓蒸汽系統排除凝結水的高壓蒸汽疏水閥,其開發的結構可以為熱動力型HRW、HRF圓盤式;機械型高壓自由浮球式;熱靜力型BK27、BK28、BK212雙金屬片式。該類閥門的公稱通徑:DN15~50 mm;公稱壓力:15.0MPa。

            High-pressure steam trap is used for high-pressure steam trap to exclude condensation water in high-pressure steam system. The structure of the trap can be thermo-dynamic HRW and HRF disc. Mechanical high-pressure free-floating ball type; Thermo static BK27, BK28, BK212 bimetallic sheet type. Nominal size of this valve: DN15~50 mm; Nominal pressure: 15.0MPa.


        6.Environmental protection electric actuator


            The environmental protection system needs to develop valves: ceramic seal rotary valve, PVC plastic valve, large sealing surface flat gate valve, stainless steel plug valve.


        7. Valves for metallurgical systems

            Valve used in metallurgical system, due to the medium is often powdery and suspended solid particles, coupled with a higher temperature, so the valve wear, temperature and corrosion resistance and other requirements are higher.

            The specific types and parameters of valve development for metallurgical systems are as follows :

        ⑴ 圓頂閥

        ⑴ Dome Valve

            Dome valve for pneumatic ash removal, feeding and discharging system of thermal power plant. The valve is composed of a valve body, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, a sphere, etc, and its nominal diameter is DN50.~ 300 mm;working pressure: PN 1.0~ 0.6 MPa;maximum service temperature: 1050.When designing the valve, the sealing surface of the valve should be considered by spraying cobalt based tungsten carbide alloy material to make it more hard and wear resistant. 

        ⑵ 排灰平板閘閥

        ⑵Ash plate gate valve


            Ash discharge flat gate valve" for ash removal system of ironmaking in steelworks.The medium of the ash removal system, the " ash powder, " Is not only of the shape of a particle ( sometimes a dispersed shape, sometimes a mixed shape ), and it has a certain viscosity, and also has carbon monoxide ( CO ). As the medium " ash powder " in the particles, the valve seat often have varying degrees of damage, abrasion, wear, it is required to " ash plate gate " of the main pieces, the operating pressure of ash removal system is in the range of 0.25 MPa;temperature in the range of 250 (normal temperature, sometimes instant temperature up to 250);~ dn 400 mm (DN 300 mm diameter is the most common).

           由于鋼廠煉鐵除灰系統的工況溫度一般為常溫,有時瞬間頂溫度也只有250℃。故采用非金屬材料(建議采用對位聚苯)作密封面,既可以滿足其工況溫度、耐磨,又可以滿足其密封性能。非金屬材料——對位聚苯,適用溫度為≤300℃, 且比硬質的PTFE更硬,能滿足煉鐵廠除灰系統的工況,不失為較理想的密封面材料。閥座材料建議采用1Cr13。

        The valve structure, such as the use of diversion holes, and "increase the sealing surface" of the seal design, not only can improve its wear resistance;to meet its sealing performance;the utility model can prevent the ash powder from entering the bottom cavity of the valve body.In the design, can make full use of the current flat gate valve products with diversion hole, the seat will be changed to "increase the sealing surface" of the seal.In terms of wear resistance, although the metal-to-metal hard seal has the longest service life, the metal-to-metal hard seal of "enlarging the sealing surface" allows leakage according to one standard.( if the design is zero leakage costs will be very high and the processing is difficult ); second, the seal as non-metallic materials.The reason why the seal is inferior to non-metallic materials is that when the metal surface is abraded, it will produce a layer of oxide, although this layer of oxide is covered on the corroded part.Further corrosion of the metal can be slowed down, but if sliding occurs, the oxide layer of the layer will be removed so that the exposed metal surface will be further corroded so as to speed up the wear and tear, and weaken its sealing performance. The use of non-metallic materials, not only to save costs, reduce processing difficulties, but also to ensure its sealing performance.
           Because the working temperature of the ash removal system is generally normal temperature, sometimes the instantaneous maximum temperature is only 250.Therefore, the use of non-metallic materials ( the proposed use of para polyphenyl ) as a sealing surface, can not only meet the operating temperature, wear resistance, but also meet the sealing performance. Non-metallic materials-Counterpoint polyphenyl, applicable temperature of 300,  It is harder than the hard PTFE and can meet the working condition of ash removal system in ironworks.The seat material is recommended to be 1Cr13.

        ⑶ 耐強酸腐蝕的不銹鋼閥

        ⑶ Strong acid corrosion resistant stainless steel valve

            冶金系統用耐強酸腐蝕的不銹鋼閥。該閥其公稱通徑:DN50~2400 mm;公稱壓力0.05~1.6MPa;頂使用溫度:1050℃。

            Strong acid corrosion resistant stainless steel valves for metallurgical systems. The valve's nominal size: DN50~2400 mm; Nominal pressure 0.05~1.6MPa; Maximum service temperature: 1050℃.

        8. 氧化鋁工業用電動執行器
             該閥的公稱壓力級為CL150(PN2.0MPa)、CL300(PN5.0 MPa)、CL400(PN6.4MPa);公稱通徑:DN50~350 mm;工作溫度:≤450℃。

        8.In the production process of alumina industry, most of the media are alkaline slurry and granular material, and the phenomenon of scarring is very serious, and the medium is also very serious to the body cavity and inner parts of the valve erosion phenomenon. Therefore, the alumina industry valve requires its scar resistance and scar resistance; Erosion resistance. Erosion resistance. Set alumina production system in the ordinary structure of the gate valve, globe valve, ball valve and so on numerous length in one slurry valve (straight-through globe valve). Not only scar resistant and erosion resistant, but also erosion resistant, is an ideal product for alumina production valves. The whole structure of the valve is Y-type, i.e., the stem centerline is angled at 45°in the flow direction of the medium, and the connection form is flanged. The support is light pole; Surfacing hard alloy with sealed surface; The valve body adopts the form of two open and middle clamp seats. In order to prevent the erosion of the medium to the body cavity, hard alloy steel rings are embedded in the parts of the body cavity where the erosion is more serious. The nominal pressure class of the valve is CL150 (PN2.0MPa), CL300 (PN5.0 MPa), CL400 (PN6.4MPa); Nominal size: DN50~350 mm; Working temperature: ≤450℃.



        9. Large-scale chemical complete sets of valves for large-scale chemical plants mainly include ethylene, synthetic ammonia and air separation plant.

        ⑴ 乙烯裝置用閥
            乙烯生產常用的原料是常壓輕柴油和減壓重柴油,并且乙烯裝置的工況條件極其惡劣,高溫(900℃)、高壓(10.0 MPa)、超低溫(-196℃)、大流量等工況都在乙烯中體現。

        ⑴The materials commonly used in the production of valve ethylene for ethylene plants are atmospheric light diesel oil and vacuum heavy diesel oil, The working conditions of the ethylene plant are very bad. The high temperature ( 900℃), high pressure ( 10.0 MPa), ultra low temperature ( -196℃), and large flow rate are all reflected in the ethylene.


           The specific types and parameters of valves for ethylene plant are as follows:


        a.High temperature cracking plate gate valve

           該閥為自密封式和撐開式兩種。其公稱通徑:DN15~1200 mm;公稱壓力:0.05~1.6MPa;頂使用溫度:800℃。

           The valve is self-sealed and open type. Its nominal size: DN15~1200 mm; Nominal pressure: 0.05~1.6MPa; Maximum service temperature: 800℃.


        b.Low temperature valve

           該閥的結構形式可以是閘閥、截止閥的結構形式,也可以是止回閥的結構形式。其公稱通徑:DN50~700 mm;公稱壓力:1.6~6.4MPa;低使用溫度:-196℃。

           The structure of this valve may be the gate valve, the globe valve, or the check valve. Its nominal diameter: DN50~700 mm; Nominal pressure: 1.6~6.4MPa; Minimum service temperature: -196℃.

        ⑵ 合成氨裝置用閥

        ⑵ Valves for ammonia plant

            合成氨裝置的介質主要為三大類,即合成氣——含有H2、N2、CO、CO2、NH3 合成的組成類似于人工煤氣(H2屬于爆炸限很低的極危險氣體,CO有毒);尿素——含有NH3、、CO2、氨基甲酸銨等;液氨或汽氨。合成氨裝置用閥的頂工作溫度在500℃左右,低溫度為液氨介質在-196℃,頂工作壓力達32.0MPa。

            The media of synthetic ammonia plant are mainly three categories, that is, syngas-containing H2, N2, CO, CO2, and NH3  The composition of the synthesis is similar to that of man-made gas (H2 is an extremely dangerous gas with very low explosion limit and CO is poisonous).Urea-containing NH _ 3, Co _ 2, ammonium carbamate, etc.Liquid ammonia or vapor ammonia.The highest working temperature of valve in ammonia plant is about 500 MPa, the lowest temperature is-196 for liquid ammonia medium, and the highest working pressure is 32.0 MPa.


           The specific types and parameters of valve development in ammonia plant are as follows:


        a.High temperature and high pressure angle type stop valve

          該閥公稱通徑:DN10~1100 mm;公稱壓力:≤42.0MPa;頂使用溫度:560℃。

          Nominal diameter of the valve: dn10~ one thousand and one hundred  Mm;nominal pressure: 42.0 MPa;maximum operating temperature : 560℃.


        b.Throttle valve

           該閥公稱通徑:DN10~1100 mm;公稱壓力:≤42.0MPa;頂使用溫度:560℃。

           Nominal diameter of the valve: dn10~ one thousand and one hundred  Mm;nominal pressure: 42.0 MPa;maximum operating temperature : 560. 

        ⑶ 空分裝置用閥

        ⑶The valve of air separation unit

            The valve of air separation unit is required to produce oxygen and nitrogen gas at -183℃.So the valve of air separation unit is required to be high. 

            The specific types and parameters of valves for air separation unit are as follows:

        a.空分裝置用低溫閥。該閥公稱通徑:DN1.5~900 mm;公稱壓力:0.2~16.0MPa;低使用溫度:-183℃。

        a. Cryogenic valves for air separation unit. The nominal size of the valve: DN1.5~900 mm; Nominal pressure: 0.2~ 16.0MPa; Minimum service temperature: -183℃.


        10. Urban construction electric actuator

             Urban construction with the electric actuator will show the following trend : the development of city gas generator fuel gas cut off the ball valve; develop midline butterfly valves and soft seal gate valves that replace ordinary butterfly valves, low-pressure gate valves and globe valves in urban water supply and heating systems; developing liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, gasoline cylinder valves for automobiles. The development of urban floor heating, air conditioning with hydraulic balance valves, smart meters and heat metering valves. The development of urban gas pipeline network with safety relief valve, electric flow control valve, gas-liquid emergency cut-off valve linkage.

              Understand the market demand of valve products, pay attention to the continuous update of valve products, provide the most advanced technology valve products for various industries, is the valve business survival in the competitionthe only way to save and develop.