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        首頁 > 新聞中心 > 天蝶閥門電動執行器的“質”造與“智”造



        天蝶閥門電動執行器“質”造與“智”造 ,打響業內品質之戰
        Tandy Valve "Quality" made and “Intelligence”made valve electric actuators,to fight the battle of quality in the industry

        In 2018, Tandy Valve Co., Ltd. gained new honors. The company passed the accreditation of national high-tech enterprises with outstanding achievements, and was honored as “the first batch of certified high-tech enterprises in 2018”, which is excellent. The title is well deserved. Tandy Valve has always been synonymous with “quality” in the industry, and its valve electric devices developed and produced have won the market with high quality and have set off a quality war in the market.

        According to official data, from 2014 to 2018, Tandy Valve Technology developed a total of 16 projects, and won 4 new inventions, 6 utility patents and 25 technical achievements. It can be said that the valve electric device is only The quality of Tandy Valve Company is a drop in the ocean. Today we glance at the leopard and analyze the “quality” complex of the valve electric device and Tandy Valve.

        The valve electric device can realize on-site operation as well as long-distance operation, and can be controlled by single or multiple units. The manual operation can be performed at the scene and electric operation can also be realized. The two are related to each other but do not affect each other. Can be arranged according to the specific circumstances of the company to improve work efficiency, and the installation and maintenance of valve electric devices are relatively simple, saving the company's maintenance costs.


        Tandy Valve electric actuator is known for reliability and stability in the market. Therefore, there are extremely high requirements in terms of design, manufacture, and material selection. It requires the internal inspection of the company to achieve quality improvement. In order to build a national brand, Tandy Valve must focus on “quality”, enhance cohesion, and achieve long-term sustainable development through product quality upgrades.

        “Quality” is the link between the company and the market. The reason why Tandy Valve can win the recognition of the industry is also due to the unremitting pursuit of quality. While Tandy Valve pursues quality, it also promotes the common progress of the industry. Good competition, mutual interaction and development, active ice-breaking, promote the harmonious and steady development of the industry, and bring higher quality products to the market.



        The quality war in the industry is imminent, and only by focusing on the "quality" of competitiveness can the company win steadily from the war.