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        首頁 > 新聞中心 > 天蝶閥門行業報告:天津閥門行業產銷連續增長達歷史新高



        天津閥門行業產銷連續增長達歷史新高 2018將持續增長發展趨勢良好

        Tianjin valve industry production and sales growth reached a record high 2018 will continue to grow well 

        According to the Tianjin Valve Association Secretariat has received 65 major member enterprises 2017 annual statistical annual report table summary, the total industrial output value of 116.2569 billion yuan, 100.947 trillion yuan, up 15.17%;the actual output value of industrial sales was 11548.01 billion yuan, up 15.61 percent from 99712.2 billion yuan in the same period in 2016;the total profit and tax performance was 11.8103 billion yuan, an increase of 3.50 % over the same period of 2016. The three major indexes of profit from production and marketing all increased over the same period last year, with output value increasing by 15.1 percent, sales increasing by 15.6 percent, and profits and taxes increasing by only 3.5 percent.

        According to the calculation, the total industrial output value of Tianjin valve industry was 82.432 million yuan / person, with a per capita growth of 11.30 % YoY; the per capita output value of industrial sales was 818.83 million yuan per person, up 11.92 percent from 731.618 million yuan per person in the same period last year;the total amount of profits and taxes per capita was 14103 yuan per person, an increase of 3.5 percent over 13629 yuan per person in the same period last year.

        According to statistics, the total number of valve industry in Tianjin is 83,743, with 83,388 people in the previous year, an increase of 355. 
        從統計匯總分析:2017年天津閥門行業,包括電動執行器、鑄件、密封等配套行業經濟形勢大好,從收到指標來看,產值65家企業中有58家同比增長,增長廠家占近9成。銷售65家中增59家,占九成多。而利稅增長54家,占八成多。 From the statistical summary analysis: 2017 Tianjin valve industry, including Denso, castings, seals and other supporting industries excellent economic situation, from the receipt of indicators,output value of 65 enterprises in 58 year-on-year growth, the growth of manufacturers accounted for nearly 90%.Sales of 65 homes increased by 59, accounting for more than 90 %. While profits and taxes increased by 54, accounting for more than 80 %. 

        From the statistical index analysis, the valve industry in Tianjin in 2017 the general growth in production and sales, from 2016, the slight increase in 2017 to increase to 15 %, average increase of 15 percentage points, which shows that from 2015, 2016, after two consecutive years of slowdown, in 2017 once again stable speed,many member companies in the industry have noticeably increased their orders, resulting in urgent delivery.Rush schedule and other new phenomena, generally in a busy, although many companies encountered environmental standards, raw material prices, casting costs rose,labor costs soared unfavorable factors, but still ensure the growth of production and marketing, but by the cost of increasing factors, economic benefits generally declined.
        產銷增長 效益微增 閥門行業進入微利時代。

        Production and sales growth Benefit increases slightly The valve industry entered the era of meager profit. 

        Output and sales rose 15 per cent in 2017, while profits and taxes rose only 3.5 per cent.

        Thus, although the production and marketing of the same industry increased by 15 percent, the economic efficiency only increased by 3.5 percent.It is also the industry's history has encountered substantial decline in efficiency, the valve industry entered the era of meager profit. 

        From the statistical analysis, in 2018 will still be a good situation in 2017 production and sales growth, because the Tianjin valve industry, the New Year has entered the busy season of production and marketing, as soon as the spring festival passed, it started early, and some of them were deployed at the end of last year to recruit more employees and increase the number of expansion points to snatch new talent. It is understood that the order is still full, and some of the first half of the order is full, and some emergency departments supporting collaborative enterprises, especially to find a good casting cooperation plant.
        同時,多數企業都缺一線技術員工和技術型人才,隨著近期鋼材、化工原料、鑄件等價格又上漲較多,對行業來說又遇到了新的難題,但都有信心克服困難,度過難關,調整策略,合理布局,奪取今年經濟工作新勝利。  At the same time, most enterprises are short of Front-line technical staff and technical personnel, and with the recent increase in the prices of steel, chemical raw materials, castings, and so on,as far as the industries are concerned, they have encountered new difficulties, but they are all confident that they will overcome the difficulties, tide over the difficulties, adjust their strategies, make a rational distribution, and win new victories in economic work this year.