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        What are the specific systems of the valve electric device


        The valve electric device standard system refers to when the whole industry facing the demand of the market, for the production of enterprises and the development of new products in the industry, in this way can benefit all the standards required for the manufacture and use of both parties. To interrelate, coordinate and restrict each other in the applicable objects, scope and content. The standard system is a scientific organism that reasonably covers the entire industry's production and technology. It also needs to consider the convergence and cooperation with related fields.


        At present, the standard system of valve electric devices in China is mainly composed of five parts. The frame of the system structure is as follows:


        The first part is the method standard, including the performance test, life test and flaw detection test.


        The second part is the product standard. Basically, it is determined according to the classification of valve electric device structure, and is divided into national standards and industry standards. Including gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, steam trap, special valve electric device, drive device and other standards.


        The third part is the part standard. The standard of parts and components which used for supporting the product standards is based on industry standards; it includes stem nuts, packings, packing glands and other parts.

        The fourth part is the basic standard, which is mainly applicable to valve electric devices in various industrial fields, based on national standards. Including terms, signs, structure length, model preparation and other standards.

        The fifth part is the material standards, including steel materials, iron materials and nonferrous metal and other materials standards.