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        首頁 > 技術文章 > 羅托克電動執行器的內部結構與功能



        The function of electric actuator internal structure

        Infrared setting of electric actuator

         The actuator can be set and diagnosed completely through the sealed indicator window. It is not necessary to open the electrical box cover in the field to expose the internal control circuit. The effective dialogue distance between the setter and the window is 0.75 meters.

        Manual operation of electric actuato

        When a power failure occurs, the hand wheel can be driven directly via a slow-locking manual/automatic clutch (or a separate gear-driven hand wheel on larger models) to switch actuators.

        If the switching lever is in the automatic position, the electric drive is effective, while in the manual position, the manual drive is effective, and if there is an emergency, the switch lever can be put down by "manual" position to avoid the failure.

        The manual operation has an empty "hammer" effect, which is easy to operate the valve.

        Electric actuator motor and drive

        The motor shaft and worm are independent of each other for quick replacement. The worm gear and worm are immersed in the lubricating oil and is suitable for the maximum ambient temperature difference. Low-inertia, high-torque motor allows the peak torque to be reached quickly after the motor is startup, and there is almost no overrun motion when it is not excited. The coil has an accurate temperature sensor, which is not affected by the ambient temperature and can keep the motor in optimum heat capacity.

        Terminal box

        When the cover of terminal box with double seal protection is opened for field wiring, the individually sealed terminal box also can ensure the integrity of the electrical part in the electric device.

        Thrust seat

        The models below IQ35 are equipped with 'A' bushing, lubricable and detachable thrust type base, and the actuator can be removed without changing the valve position. The thrust type base and shell of the model above IQ40 actuators are integrally assembled.

        Simple, removable drive bushings can be machined to the valve stem for easier connection to the valve.

        Valve position control

         Hall effect pulse count coding system can accurately measure and control the stroke of the actuator instead of use switch and gear count positioning, which improves the position accuracy ( optional optoelectronic absolute position encoder).

        Local control of electric actuator

        The on-site control switch and lock-type field/stop/remote selector are magnetic switches without through-shafts. They are controlled by acting on the internal magnetic reeds of the actuator to ensure that the actuator is sealed against moisture.