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        首頁 > 技術文章 > 如何提高電動執行器的環境適應性



        How to improve the environmental adaptability of electric actuators


        Industrial operation and control institutions of the valve electric actuators are often under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, high viscosity, high pressure difference and so on. Therefore, it is also the weakest link in the production control system.


        If the quality of the electric valve actuator is poor or the operation is improper, it often leads to problems such as degraded quality and inaccurate positioning of the automation control system. To better ensure that electric actuators can work normally in extremely high temperature or low temperature environment and in complex environments such as strong radiation and magnetic field is the research and development direction of future electric valve control devices.


        In response to this problem, the electric actuator technicians used the electric valve sensor and the intelligent positioner module to separately install, which plays a role in stabilizing the working status of the electric actuator to a certain extent. It can effectively improve the normal operation of the valve actuator device in extreme environments, and also solve the problem of high loss of the intelligent positioner module. Therefore, as one of the key indicators to measure the performance of electric actuators, it is very important to improve its adaptability in special environments.