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        Introduction to Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve


        The Sino-British joint venture Tandy Valve would like to introduce the following several cost-effective electric butterfly valves,and take you to know its transport matters.

        Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is an important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control.



        Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve connection methods are mainly divided into flange type and wafer type.



        1. The electric butterfly valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, light weight, low material consumption, small installation size, rapid switch, 90° reciprocal rotation, small drive torque, etc. It is used to cut off, connect, adjust the medium in the pipeline. It has good fluid control characteristics and closing and sealing performance.


        2、蝶閥電動執行器可以運送泥漿,在管道口積存液體少。低壓下,可以實現良好的密封。 調節性能好。 

        2. The electric butterfly valve can transport mud, and it will accumulate least liquid in the pipeline mouth. Under low pressure,it can achieve good seal. It also has good adjustment performance.



        3. The streamlined design of the butterfly plate on electric butterfly valve can reduce the loss of fluid resistance, which is an energy-saving product.


        4. The electric butterfly valve stem is a through-rod structure. After quenching and tempering, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. When the electric butterfly valve is opened and closed, the valve stem only performs a rotary motion and does not perform lifting operation. The packing of the valve stem is hard to damage, and the seal is reliable. The utility model is fixed with a butterfly taper pin, and the outstretched end is of an anti-bump type design, so as to prevent the valve stem from collapsing when the stem and the disc plate are accidentally broken.



        5. Connection modes of the electric butterfly valve are flange connection, clamp connection, butt welding and lug connection. The drive forms include manual, worm wheel drive, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic linkage and other actuators, which can realize remote control and automatic operation.


        Noticeable tips to the packaging and transportation of electric butterfly valves: 

        1.Light blocking plates should be installed on both sides of the electric butterfly valve.
        2.The medium and small diameter electric butterfly valves should be bundled with straw ropes and transported in containers.
        3.The large-diameter valve also should have a simple wooden frame for solid packing to avoid damage during transportation.
        4.Electric adjustable butterfly valve is the best device for adjusting flow and cutting fluid.