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        How will the future development of electric actuator companies be?
         The unfavorable elements of influencing the electric actuator industry
        As the original data of the electric actuator industry, steel is in urgent need of transformation as environmental pressures gradually increase. The steel industry will face the risk of increasing production. The increase in steel production will lead to an increase in steel prices in the short term, resulting in an increase in the cost of the electric actuator industry and a short-term price shock in the electric actuator industry. Therefore, the electric actuator industry will also be greatly affected.

           In recent years, the rapid development of China's electric actuator industry has not only greatly improved the consumption level of electric actuators, but also greatly increased its output. However, it is more difficult for small and medium-sized and privately-owned electric actuator companies to grow more rapidly in this process, which accounts for a larger proportion. However, there are few large-scale electric actuator companies, and the international electric actuator industry is not brand-named and its market competitiveness is poor. From the current status of the electric actuator industry, the electric actuator industry itself is also facing the risk of eliminating backward production capacity.
           Under the influence of the financial crisis, the steel industry, construction and its upstream and downstream industries have experienced a sharp contraction in the market, which is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the electric actuator industries that rely on these industries. Although the financial crisis has formed a negative impact on China's electric actuator industry at a certain level, it has also exposed the drawbacks of the external electric actuator industry. In the market economy system, the survival of the fittest eliminated the great improvement.
          The future of the electric actuator industry is very broad

           On the one hand, it is the support of the national policy. As the country's policy of accelerating the revival of equipment manufacturing industry is gradually advancing, the general basic manufacturing industry will further lose its key support. On the other hand, the electric actuator product market has a weak demand. The state-owned economy continues to shake. Investment in fixed assets is gradually expanded. In addition, with the participation of the WTO, the reduction of international trade thresholds and the adjustment of product structure in booming countries, China is gradually becoming the largest processing plant in the world, and the process and manufacturing of electric actuator products are given more room for development. Therefore, as long as companies can seize opportunities, enhance their R&D capabilities, and increase product technology content and production quality from time to time, they will be able to occupy an automatic position in a broad market competition.

            In addition, we should also understand that China's electric actuator products are facing good opportunities for development. In the future, new electric actuator products supporting the development of thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large-scale petrochemicals, natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines for petroleum, coal liquefaction and metallurgy will become the focus of development and are expected to lead the rapid growth of the entire electric actuator market.

           In the next 10 years, China will have more than 20,000 kilometers of pipelines to be established, including cross-border oil pipelines such as Russia and Kazakhstan.
         In addition, following the “West-East Gas Transmission”, China will establish more than 20,000 kilometers of transnational gas pipelines and feeders. These projects require approximately 20,000 large-diameter pipeline ball electric actuators and small and medium-diameter ball electric actuators and pressure reducing electric actuators; it will also establish 10 to 20 million-ton large-scale refineries, and newly build, renovate and expand a batch of 800,000 to 1 million-ton large-scale ethylene plants, and 500,000 to 600,000 tons/year of large-scale PTA plants that have been approved and pending approval will also be available for more than a dozen sets, this will provide a huge market for the electric actuator industry; The establishment of large-scale fertilizers and ammonia decomposition devices will provide opportunities for the electric actuator manufacturing industry; in addition, direct liquefaction of coal can constitute a new industry. Because the coal direct liquefaction process medium has high task temperatures, high pressure, and high solid particle content, it has very high demands that will form an emerging market.
            Pay attention to the application of new technologies to enhance competitiveness

           Urban construction systems generally employ a small number of high-pressure electric actuators and are developed to environmentally-friendly and energy-saving types, that is, the high-pressure iron-made gate electric actuators used in the past have gradually shifts into environmental-friendly rubber sheet electric actuators, balancing electric actuators, metal-sealed butterfly electric actuators, and midline-seal butterfly electric actuators. Oil and gas transmission projects are carried out in the direction of pipelines, which requires a small amount of flat gate electric actuators and ball electric actuators. The other side of power development is energy conservation. Therefore, from the aspect of wasted power, steam traps must be developed and carried out to high parameters of subcritical and supercritical.
           According to the introduction, in the development of these new electric actuator products, attention should be paid to the application of new process technologies. For example, the development of long-distance pipelines for all large-diameter ball electric actuators should use all welding techniques. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of the electric actuator sealing surface, a few manufacturers have adopted the supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide technology at the end, and at the same time, they should pay attention to the use of nano-scale data to coat and modify the sealing surface, and the development of laser cladding technology. In addition, the cobalt-chromium-tungsten plasma-wire automatic surfacing technology used in the electric actuator industry for many years should continue to be implemented to replace manual welding to ensure the quality of the electric actuator sealing surface; In order to complete the automation control of the process flow of the engineering device, the development of intelligent electric and hydrodynamic transmission electric actuator should be enhanced; the development of new transmission methods such as magnetic drive should be accelerated, and a new series of sealed magnetic transmission electric actuators should be developed to eliminate the stem and the filler. The leakage point makes it suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive media and pipelines that require locking and prevention of misoperation.

           China's electric actuator market price is relatively stable, although there is a slight increase and decrease every year, the range is very small. Today, China also ushers in the timing of the development of the electric actuator, but whether it can seize this opportunity depends on the skill of the enterprise. If an enterprise wants to start and expand its business, it should strive to reduce its consumption costs, focus on improving the function and efficiency of its products, and develop high-tech products at the upper level or small non-standard products that consume small quantities; After the international quality certification of electric actuator products; electric actuator products should be carried out in the direction of environmental protection and energy conservation.

           In general, if we want to develop a good electric actuator industry, we must adjust our thinking, strengthen the decision-making process, enhance enterprise management, promote technological advancement, focus on technological innovation and R&D of central technology, and improve the company's central competitiveness. As long as we adhere to such ideas and continue to improve the power, China's electric actuator companies can certainly catch up with even more than similar foreign companies.